All-In-One Gestures

Thanks to Ouissem for getting me a great extension for Firefox. When you right click it draws a line on the page as you move the mouse – what you draws performs different actions. So, if you click and drag the mouse up it opens a new tab, if you go up and down it refreshes the page, if you go right, left, down, up then right it will close Firefox etc etc. The last one is a bit troublesome but it’s a good example to show how many features it has and they are fully customisable!
If you’ve got Firefox get it here.
If you’ve not got Firefox you are an idiot and you don’t deserve me to waste my time by putting a link in – it’s miles better than IE and you should get it now….not in 5 minutes…not after a cup of tea…NOW.
Ok ok to make it easier here’s a link GET FIREFOX NOW

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