Went into this shop called Mustafa yesterday to quickly exchange a plug adapter cause I got the wrong one. When they didn’t have the same one at $3.50 that I wanted I decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle to go somewhere else so chose on at $7.50 instead. Went to the cashier and after queing on the wrong side and having people push in infront of me I eventually got served…yeah guess I missed that massive sign overhead that says queue here (damn it…sarcasm doesn’t work in writing).

Anyways, when i get served, this guy tells me that you can only get a refund within two days. A little…just a little…annoyed, I say fine, I tell the guy i don’t want it, cause I know you can get them elsewhere for like $1.50. Without me realising he puts my other items to the side (like $3 worth) and puts the adapter through the till. (Quick note, Mustafa put everything in white plastic bags and then zipper tie it so you can’t see inside). Blind and stupid I may be (having not seen him put the wrong thing through the till and not realising that I am not holding the other items but a big lumpy adapter in a sealed plastic bag), I am well versed at the old numbers and wrong change game. Pointing out to the man that he has not given me enough change he points to the receipt which says i have paid $7.30 for this stupid and overpriced adapter. So, I say to the guy that I didn’t want the adapter but I want the other two items. So, he tells me that I told him I did want the adapter and that I didn’t want the other two things. This goes back and forth a few times before he tells me that he cannot give me a refund and I am to go to another counter.

Arriving at the next counter I ask for a refund. The guy there stands around a while, checks my item, checks the receipt, stands around some more and then tells me I have to go to another counter.

Arriving at the next counter I ask for a refund. The guy looks at me and the sealed plastic bag, checks the item, checks the receipt, stands around for a while, then tells me I have to wait because he is about to serve some woman who has just pushed in and shouted for assistance. Slightly more annoyed that he is serving this woman who arrived after me, I stand and wait. He eventually comes back, looks again at the bag, decides to spend 5 minutes opening it, then closes it again and tells me that he can’t give me a refund and I have to go to another counter.

Arriving at the next counter I ask for a refund. The woman looks at me and the sealed plastic bag, checks the item, checks the receipt, then politely tells me I have to go to another counter. Well, by this time (half 11 at night and tired), I tell her that this is unacceptable and that I have already been to four counters and that the first prick should’ve given me a refund in the first place for cocking up my sale. So, she tells me that she cannot give me a refund and I have to go to another counter. Working out that this may go on for a while, I ask her to get me someone to take me to the counter and to the person who will give me my refund. So, escorted up the shop a bit…

I arrive at the next counter and I ask for a refund. They guy is serving someone else, so, looks at me and the sealed plastic bag then asks me to wait a minute. He (as slowly as I think he possibly could, without people thinking he was dead) unpacks the guys blender, plugs it in, turns it on, turns it off, turns it on again, turns it off again and repacks it not much faster than he unpacked it. He then turns to me and asks what the problem is, so I tell him I want a refund. So he gets out his book and looks for the right page. When he finds it, writes down some stuff and asks me for my details. So, me, John Sampson that lives at 5 Kings Way, London (email – writes down my details. He then picks up the phone ‘blu bla bla bla hak hak la la’ and tells me I will have to wait here for 5 minutes while he goes away. Away he goes, 5 minutes later he comes back and tells me I have to go to another counter to actually get a refund – he only gives me a refund slip.

Arriving back at the woman I hand her my slip and ask for a refund. $299 she tells me. A little shocked I realise some dude had already put his stuff through the till and had wandered off and was now back to pay for it! So, looking at the refund slip for $7.30 and at the other items I want to buy for $3 she asks me what I want to get for the difference.
All hell breaks loose. Satin suddenly could no longer control his bladder and a shower of shit rained down on that counter that very second. “I did not ask to buy this item, I told the cashier I did not want it and he put it through the till anyway. I have been to 6 counters to get a refund that was not my fault and I want my money back now. I am not going to another counter, I am not going to bend over and let your manager stick his dirty cock up my arse, I just want my fucking money back.” (although the rude parts I just added in here…i’m not that impolite to strangers no matter how unhelpful they are). So, she calls over a male colleague who gets the same story from me and politely tells me that I will have to go to another counter.

Arriving at the next counter he proceeds to pick up the phone and start yakking ‘bla bla bla la la la customer bla bla bla bla customer yak yak yak customer dak dak dak’. He then tells me that I will have to wait for his manager. While waiting I loudly comment to Erik (who couldn’t stop laughing) that I don’t think they get customer service training here. Manager arrives, gets briefed by the woman at the cash desk then comes over. Doesn’t look at me but says ok and walks towards the till. As he passes I comment to him that his staff have been very unhelpful. Without even looking at me he keeps walking and pretends he hasn’t heard what I said.

Arriving at the next counter, he gets the refund put through and I get the other items deducted from the money. They get bagged, tied but he doesn’t give me them. Some problem with the till and it hasn’t printed a receipt. Telling him that I want my items and I don’t care about the receipt, he completely ignores me and waits for the receipt despite me trying to take the items, which are now legally mine, out of his hand. When I do get them and the receipt I crush it and drop it on the counter infront of him and walk out.

Over half an hour just to get my money back!

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