Locking me up

First i’ll set the scene….slowly noticed that the my door handle was getting loose the other day. So, using the snazzy new online fault reporting system i notified the centre management. It wasn’t until i came home a little drunk that i realised i am a genius wonder of technical expertise and fixed the thing myself in about 3 1/2 seconds!
So, the next morning while peacefully enjoying a saturday lie in some dude comes banging on the door to fix the handle…and tighten it up proper he does!
Sunday…wake up – turn my door handle and the lock won’t open…confused i phone my neighbour to try as well…realise that when i turn the handle, the wee bit doesn’t retract into the door frame – so using two knifes and some help from Danny next door i manage to prise the door open!
Next…loving the quick response of the day before, i request it to get fixed with urgency (since i can’t close my door and therefore can’t leave my room and forcing me to miss the Wake Boarding World Championships!).

Five hours later, and a little annoyed no one has come, i phone up the FCC (the folks that are there all the time cause of course the office is closed on a sunday) – the nice lady tells me that if my lock is broken i have to come down to the office.
So, down to the office i go, tell her the exact same fucking thing i told her on the phone and she radios some dude and tells me to wait. Wait for this guy, tell him the same thing and he wants to come to my room to see.
To my room he comes…turns the handle and sure enough the lock doesn’t open – you know what he does?? Tells me to not close my door cause it won’t open!

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