Bangkok Part 2

Having been back from the city of sin for a few days (well nearly two weeks!) i figured i should get on and write the rest before i forget!

The city has a huge river through it, so we jumped on a longboat river taxi and went for a tour – a bit surreal feeling a bit like you are in Venice, with a mix of new, and not-so-new, houses and jungle at the river side!

We asked a few locals and found out that the place to be on a Friday night is a club called Hollywood. What a place! There are like a hundred guys wearing overalls that go and get your drinks for you while you sit/stand and stare at the lovely Thai ladies dancing and singing on the stage. A massive club, with a massive stage with singers performing (not too badly) all kinds of music. We managed to get two tuk-tuks to take us there for only 20baht each – about 30 pence – and were pleasantly surprised when we found out it was like 20 mins away! FYI – of course our tuk-tuk won the race….would i really side with the losing team?? Anyway, a great day and a great night ended in the bar as the sun rose, trying (not so well) to hold a pool cue – at some points just holding it was doing well….never mind actually hitting a ball!

Saturday night we headed off to Pat Pong for some more ‘in-depth’ shows (pun intended) 😉
After getting balsed around by the stupid tuk-tuk drivers trying to take us to some dodgy sex show, we eventually found the red light district. Lines of bars with their doors open and absolutely gorgeous woman wearing matching bikinis dancing on the bar. Getting badly hassled to go and see a ping pong show we decided to check it out before we paid anything – to our shock we were greeted, with what i’m sure is the ugliest woman in the whole of Thailand, if not Asia, dancing on the stage and looking at us rather strangely. We got shown to another two ‘parlours’ which were no better so decided not to waste our money – my dreams of finding the next female table tennis champion who doesn’t need a bat was drowned.

A few beers, yet another dodgy fight in the street between some drunkards, and some slightly more pool-like pool and off to bed.
Definately a place worth visiting – so far the first place i’ve been to that really has some vibe and feeling – and come one…getting chatted up by a ladyboy has to be flattering in some way!

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