Bangkok Part 1!

In our hostel just now makng some good use of their internet shoppee!!

Had a great time in redang diving…saw loads of cool fish…even 3 or 4 sharks! For all those Nemo lovers, yes i played with them too – they are really cool!
Unfortunately although i bought a camera from the states to be delivered before i left – it didn’t arrive, so stuck with an underwater case and no camera…i decided to leave it in singapore!
James had his camera with him and an underwater case so will get some of his photos up soon…

After Redang we jumped on a bus to Hat Yai in southern Thailand after meeting up with Ouissem and Tom (some guys from uni) and spent a night there before getting an 18 hour train to Bangkok!! – thankfully a sleeper and not third class bare wood seats!

Bangkok is great so far – managed to stroll into a buddhist temple and get invited to sit and watch about 25 monks practice chanting – amazing!!
There are so many cool stalls selling cool stuff, with a good bit of bartarting necessary. Handmade suits for about £30 which aint too bad! Although, we jumped on a wee three-wheeler scooter type thing for a guided tour of the city for 1 hour 10pence for 3 of us – yes too good to be true, they take you to suit shops and try and sell you all sorts before taking you where you actually want to go…which by then most of the hour is up! lol
We managed to get taken in by the temple and ‘forget’ to go back to pay him anyway so it wasn’t too bad… 🙂

Today we went to see ‘Wat Traimit’ – the cement buddha that was broken while being moved and they found a 5.5 ton, 3.5 m high solid gold buddha inside!! Absolutely amazing also….followed by a nice walk around food markets and onto a Chinese buddhist temple with an even bigger gold buddha (not real gold!). While being blown away by the beauty of the buildings and surroundings (including roughly 100 sitting buddhas roughly 2m high each, sitting around the main temple), we were lucky enough to watch a young guy, just back from studying in England, join the temple and become a monk.

So far, Bangkok has been much better than KL – not too sure why as it is even dirtier, even busier and you absolutely cannot walk more than 3 1/2 cms without being hassled by some guys asking if you want a taxi, some postcards, tuk tuk (3 wheel scooter things), ping pong, buy this, buy that…aaahhhh
We have turned it into a bit of game and a chance to practice our wit by coming up with terribly funny things to say to them. My personal favourite – when told they will sell you something for only 100baht, tell them “really…wow, ok it’s a deal – i’ll give you 200” ha ha ha ha ha ha

Mums look away now….off to Pat Pong tonight to see how women can play ping pong…..without using bats, without using their hands…..hhhmmmm without even using their feet……gosh…..what do they use then?? How do they fire those ping pong balls across the room?? 😉

One thought on “Bangkok Part 1!

  1. Fergus,

    Good to see that you’ve made it to Bangkok. It’s such a crazy place. Full on chaos. I hope you manage to make it back from Pat Pong in one piece – REMEMBER! Look but don’t touch 😉

    Beautiful day in London today (if you can believe it). Had Callum around for dinner last night – all good fun.

    We’re really enjoying reading your news – keep it up.


    Henry & Erwan

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