Just got back from an extended weekend in the busy city of Kuala Lumpur.

Wasn’t sure what to expect before i got there but was far from dissapointed. Having said that, it is just another large, busy, dirty city. Of course there are some nice aspects too – Chinatown market which is on everyday is really cool, you can get anything from ‘real’ diamond and platinum Rolexs to outdated Roladexes, from limited edition Adidas trainers to special edition Robocock DVDs. And of course the price they tell you is roughly 50000 times more expensive than they would actually sell for – but some people just don’t ask for discount!

On that note, taxis have a bad habit of telling you a trip will cost RM20 when actually if they put the meter on it would be around RM3.40…the old tourist card isn’t so great in those situations.

However, on our last night we found a great hostel with really cool guys running it. ‘Le Village Guest House’ is a great place to stay (not exactly the Hilton but hey) for only RM13 per night for a dorm bed (roughly £2).

I didn’t venture up the famous Petronas towers as you had to queue at 8am to get tickets, and while they are free, they only give out a certain number each day, and you only get to go up to the sky bridge at 147m for 15 minutes. So, instead we went up the Menara Kuala Lumpur tower – the third tallest telecommunications tower in the world – for fantastic views of the city. We waited two hours until sunset while we were up there to get a glimpse of the huge city during daytime and nighttime.

Unfortunately all the fantastic pictures of the tower, sunset, Chinatown, Little India (where i had a great meal – Rice, Beef mince, Nan, 3 Curry dips and 3 glasses of water – for roughly 90p) and all the other interesting things along the way were lost on the last day when we visited the Buddhist International Pagoda. My camera was stolen while i was taken away by the shrine room and hence all my cool pics with it.

I have some pics from the wee camera which i’ve put up (click here to see).

Oh, and somehow i managed to either lose or get stolen about RM350 on the first day we got there….not too good either 🙁

Despite this, it was still a great trip…just seeing all those Protons kitted up with chrome wheels, and chrome door handles, and chrome trims, and chrome boots, and chrome bonnets and infact anything you can possibly get in chrome.

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