If anyone out there doesn’t use Firefox (big up to Callum for showing me the light (check my uber cool slang with the big up, big dog)) then i have solid evidence why it is truly the best thing since ready made pasta sauce in little glass jars.

STUMBLE! Firefox allows you to add what they call extensions – these are little program type things which appear on your browser (Firefox is a web browser for everyone thouroughly confused by now). Anyway, back to the point. Stumble! is an extension that adds a button to your browser, next to back, forward, home etc which takes you to a random website. You can choose what genres you would like to ‘stumble upon’ but generally the results are amazing!!!!

You can then rate the site and do all sorts of other things to it that woman would usually require dinner, wine and lots of laughing before they would let you do.

The first site i ‘stumbled upon’ was this.

So, after hours of enjoyment i decided to spread the word.

For those of you that use Internet Explorer – get firefox from here.

For those of you that don’t want to get it – ha ha ha ha ha ha – you have not seen the light, oh the light is bright…but fear not (change your underwear if necessary) i will make a page on my site for all the best links that i ‘stumble upon’ and probably email you regularly with bewilderdness and joy at what i have found.

Last and certainly not least i would like to give a massive big up to the (truly) BIG DOG, IAN (he’s like 6’4″!!) for showing me STUMBLE! – I’m off the pool pretty soon – are you coming? (ps i do know that the chances of him reading this before i text him are slim, but of course it serves a much higher purpose – to rub all your faces in the fact i’m off to lie about on a deck chair next to the lovely swimming pool while trying to solve the terribly difficult problem of what i should do this weekend!)

2 thoughts on “Stumble!

  1. For all those that don’t know – James’ silly comments are very silly – he is here. Now James – this site is not meant for your silly little comments, it is a serious place where serious issues about serious things are discussed. If you are not going to be serious then i will have to contact the authorities – and after what you did last night (cheeky monkey!!) then i think they’ll be looking for you anyway!!

    hee hee

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