Party on…

On a slightly different note from temples – my weekend was fantastic!

Left at 3.30pm on Thursday heading to the island of Kho Pha Ngan for the weekend. Unfortunately our bus broke down in the middle of the night, then we got sold the wrong boat tickets and had to take an overnight boat so ended up not getting there until 7am on Saturday morning! Our return was booked to leave at 7am on Sunday morning!

Now you ask, what could have been so important to travel for over 55 hours in 3 days to spend only 24 hours on an island – let me tell you – the party of a lifetime!!!

Every full moon on Kho Pha Ngan, they open up one of their beaches to host one of the biggest beach parties in the world. Ok, they actually do something similar on the half moon, and probably the quarter moon and new moon, or just anytime someone sees the moon. However, the full moon party is the most famous and the biggest (though supposedly not the best).

Stayed in a magical beach hut with the coolest bar with a treehouse style upstairs with nice music and hammocks, all for the bank breaking price of £2 per night.

Party was absolutely amazing – the only downside was that i had to leave at 5.30am to get the boat – i would have been more than happy to still be there at 5.30pm partying away!

Lots of pics of the whole trip available here.

If you are ever in Asia – make sure you stop there – aside from being one of the nicest islands in the world – the party is fantastic!
Hopefully will be there for December 16th full moon as gonna spend a few weeks in Kho Samui (next island) over the hols – see you there!

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