Diver man

While in Tioman i was put through the terrible ordeal of learning to scuba dive – don’t worry mum, it wasn’t terrible at all – it was AMAZING.
I feel i need to find new words to express such sheer joy as i seem to be saying everything is amazing!

Floating around at 18m underwater with fish over a metre long, tiny little nemos swimming around the plants they live in, and possibly every colour of fish under the sun, is absolutely fantasticly marvelous!

Unfortunately i got a little torched on my first day there (click here to see the proof)and had to carry roughly 20kg of gear on my back for the next 3 days – yeah, that part wasn’t so good 🙁
However, it was still definately worth it!

Hopefully getting a case so i can take my camera down next time to take some snaps, and will be joining the Uni dive club with my new DIVING LICENCE (‘ooohhhhh’ i hear you cry, with wiggling hands under your chin!)

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