Sri Lanka

Wow…what words other than amazing can i think of!

We got out of the airport and jumped into a taxi to take us to our hotel and the trip was really cool – it took roughly an hour and a half but there was so much to see on the way.

Hundreds of people on the roads, in cars, buses, motorbikes, scooters, walking and more – everyone going in different directions and honking their horn for everyone else to move! Crazy…

Our taxi driver was called Dhanesh and was so friendly – we nattered all the way there.

We arrived at the hotel that Elly managed to book in Colombo and not in Kuala Lumper (as she nearly did), only to find out that the company had booked it for the wrong day and we had to get moved to another hotel – with a free dinner and room upgrade on the way.
Got to the new hotel which was nice too but they had upgraded us to a double room instead of a twin, with what looked more like a honeymoon suit – i started to think Elly was hiding something from me! lol

We ate some lunch in the Sri Lankan hotel restaurant – to find out that absolutely everything contains at least 3 jars of chilli sauce – even the salads!! So, a few buckets of water later we got changed and went on a tour of the city with our legendary tour guide – Samba.

He took us to two buddhist temples, which were amazing! Pictures on the link below. Unfortunately he was better at pointing at things and saying their name rather than explaining what they were – so we saw lots of elephant tusks, buddhas, buildings, banks, the World Trade Centre (tallest building) about 74 times, etc etc, without too much idea of their meaning or significance. Really not much more than a point and shoot affair – but great all the same. He was a really nice guy, but i think he had a special fondness for Elly, hence his need to point everything out.
We were given really cool orange and white thread bracelets at the temple so if anyone knows their significance, please log in and have your say!

Next we went to the national musuem and toured around a little – Price for locals 25 ruppees, for foreigners 500 ruppees! Here we were shown some ancient masks, skeletons, paintings (honestly, every painting we came to he would tell us – “Painting”), but great fun all the same.
He tought us the Sri Lankan art of just walking into the road and putting your hand up for the cars to stop when you want to cross – who then hoot back at you viciously for you to move!!

We were totally beat after being up for 24 hours or more, so nipped back for some much needed snoozing.

Dinner in the rooftop restaurant with a view of the harbour at night was great. Live piano music and really, really nice food that was quite cheap went down a treat.

Unfortunately, despite Samba’s trying, we headed to bed after dinner, preparing to fly to Singapore the next day!!!!!!

As we left the hotel at 4am the next morning, what a difference. No one about, roads were dead except for the occasional sleeping dog (in the middle of the road) or person on the pavement. We did see the fish market where there was some bussle though.

Pictures of Sri Lanka

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