So far Singapore has been great too. It is a little different from Sri Lanka and what we expected as it is very westernised, and is basically a huge city. One of the first things i noticed is the number of Skyscrapers – i think there is a law that you cannot build anything below 93 stories high!

However, we took a trip to Little India (a district) and it was completely different. I think Chinatown etc will be the similar in its difference from the rest – a mix of societies and people living side by side.

Uni is cool. Our rooms are nice and we are settling in well. Got the Scotland flag up on the window for everyone going past to see, and managed to get some speakers for the old laptop to beef up the music a little.

On our first day, a trip to Ikea (oh yeah) sorted out all the moving in problems…no bed linen etc, and makes the place look a little more homely. Managed to get to a supermarket today today so you can put your mind at ease – yes i have stocked up on pasta, sauce and cheese!

I would like to also point out that it is quite hot here…roughly 31 degrees everyday. We have had one day of rain which dropped the temp to a horribly cold 24 degrees for the afternoon!
Even at 2 in the morning, it is still 26 degrees!!

However, the downside, so far have a little cough from all the air conditioning. Lecture theatres are really cold – so you walk there sweating your ass off, then have to put a jumper on when you get inside – all a little surreal!

We’ve met so many cool people already and have had a few good nights out – although some clubs you have to be 25 to get into (for guys, usually 18 or 21 for girls).

As i am here for a while, i will write little bits and bobs as i go along – there is way too much to say all at once!! But rest assured, i am having a ball!!!

Click here for Pics of Singapore City

Click here for Pics of us and some new friends

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