Long Haul flights!

So that’s what it feels like to sit on a plane for 10 ½ hours – not even serious long haul! Started to get sore legs after sitting for a while – but seats were not too bad.

Unforunately there was no sound working on Elly’s or my TV so had to fend for ourselves as far as entertainment went – there were some games that you could play on the screen with no sound – but they weren’t exactly Xbox material!

The food was unfortunately no better than usual plane grub! However the staff were ok although you could tell they began to suffer after working 7-8 hours straight.

We were lucky enough to get a cool couple next to us – both teachers, one primary and one secondary, so got some chat during the flight.

And as always there was some radge little kid in front who banged on his seat roughly every 27 seconds to make sure anything i had on my table got spilt or fell off! It was ok though, as a little while later he stood up and started having a chat with us – didn’t speak much though and thought it was really funny to spit on his hand and throw it at us!

Stepped off the plane into a wall of heat – 28 degrees at 8 in the morning – then made our way to immigration and got my very first passport stamp!

All in all, could have been much worse but could have been a little better – always makes you a little sick when you make your way off the aircraft and have to walk through first class with their luxury recliners and little tims and trims.

Our trip from Sri Lanka to Singapore, via Kuala Lumpur, was slightly better as it was only 4 hours and i managed to sleep for most of it – Elly too i think, though we didn’t manage to get seats next to each other which was a bit of a pain.

Click here for pics of our journey

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