Jamie’s Nightmare…

An extract from an email from Mr Gordon telling me of his troubles getting to Buenos Aires:

Flight took just shy of 30 hours coz of all the changes and fucking around in airport terminals so I was pleased to finally arrive especially seen as i had a nightmare few days before I left.
Got pulled by police for driving erratcially in Beeston ( where the bombers are from!!!) leeds on Tuesday night at about midnight, and then my car wouldnt start so I was stuck in a place that made baghdad look like a tourist resort in the dead of night till about two in the morning until my car got fixed.

My flight was in 6 hours time. The next morning at Leeds Bradford airport I got shat on by abird on my head. Some people say that sort of thing is lucky – It really isnt.
Then I nearly missed my fecking flight coz they had no record of me at the desk.
I got one of those “this is a final call for passenger Gordon on flight………. ” announcements.

Then on the plane form Frankfurt to Buenos Aires I was stuck next to this Brazilain bloke who obviously had some sort of mental problem coz hed stare at you like he wanted to wring your neck and then hed tell anyone who would listen theat he was going to brazil. He wouldnt keep still for 10 fucking seconds – read his book for 2 minutes then listened to really loud music for a minute and then got up for a stretch for a minute. I nearly got up and asked to move. Everyone talks far too quickly here aswell.

Hope everything settles down and works out for you – or that more birds shit on you – it is good luck….honestly! (sarcasm doesn’t work well in writing)

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