Nut Huggers

Ever tried to go swimming in France? Nope? Neither have I – until the other day. On entering the swimming pool i got changed etc as usual, had the pre-swim shower and made my way to the pool area – only to be stopped dead in my tracks and be told that the shorts i was wearing were not allowed!

Swimming trunks that are not allowed to be worn in a swimming pool! Ridiculous i say.

On translation from my father, it turns out that they do not let you wear shorts, you have to wear nut huggers (trunks, speedos, nut munchers etc), anywhere in France. We were given two reasons: one, because they are unhygienic, and the second that they are the wrong material – both crap if you ask me.

Anyway, so i went to the local supermarket the next day and procured myself a pair of nut huggers (in sale down to only €4.45 – reasonable if i’m only gonna wear them once i think).

On return to the aforementioned swimming pool some days later, to enjoy its facilities, i noticed as i was getting changed that they were not in the bag of stuff. Bewhildered and confused that they were not there, i resigned myself to not swimming again and having to watch from the sidelines. My father tried to borrow me a pair from the pool whilst insulting me about my lack of intelligence for having forgotten them in the first place.

Alas, twice being refused entry into the swimming pool, i was somewhat disjointed with the idea of swimming in the fine country of wine and cheese, only to find out that infact, my dear father had dropped my lovely trunks as he took the bag out of the car – and they were waiting there for me on my return. The downside…two days wasted sitting around at the swimming pool – the upside…i didn’t have to wear a banana hammock!

This post was also written some time ago (i haven’t been in France for about 10 months), and was also not finished (found it saved in my drafts folder). So, to clear things up and make tidy my current state of affairs…i thought i would publish it now.

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