PS3 vs Xbox 360

Now that the stats of these two new gems are coming to light, the competition is hotting up.
I will state that i am a self-confessing game lover…Fifa (yes i know Pro Evo is better but i’ve never tried it!), Grand Theft Auto or any good car game (Midnight Club 3 DUB Edition is a must for modding) are a perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon.

Xbox 360
Get this…not one, not two, but three 3.2GHz processors running in this baby! Thats more power than Apollo 11 had 3 seconds after liftoff. That all adds up to equal a teraflop of processing power (a trillion instructions per second!!). Then a mere 512Mb of 700MHz DDR3 memory to back it up.
20Gb of removable hard disk, 3 USB 2.0 ports and support for up to 4 wireless controllers.

All sounds pretty nice, however the added extras that microsoft is throwing in make all the difference with this machine.
Xbox live will offer downloadable upgrades for games, advanced online play and chat.
Windows media center extender will allow you to use it to control and play your mp3 collection via the built in ethernet port or wireless adapter.
For all those tech heads, all games will support not only widescreen, but also 720p and 1080i HDTV formats in anticipation for their integration into our homes.
Oh, and it will have interchangeable facias (tacky wood grain here we come!)

The Xbox sounds pretty mean, however, Sony’s cell processor is rated at a whopping 2.18 teraflops! (made up of 7 3.2 GHz units). Backing it up is a nasty 256MB of 3.2GHz XDR memory supported by a 256MB 700MHz of DDR3 unit.
Again there is the mandatory ethernet, Wi-Fi and USBs built in, however Sony has used bluetooth to fuel up to 7 wireless boomerang shaped controllers (more can be added through USB).
IF you happen to own a PSP, rest assured you can link it directly and battle anyone on the main unit.

Unfortunately, the PS3 isn’t the media waterhole that the Xbox is, however it does manage to output all 3 formats of HDTV and regular TV. Also, the massive audio processor (again a featuer of the ‘Cell’) allows it to produce unique sounds and surround sound.
Perhaps the second major feature of the PS3 is its playing ability – it will be able to play Blu-ray discs, capable of storing up to 50Gb of data – that’s over ten times a regular DVD!

Final Round Up:
Xbox 360 – Fast, poweful, great for media, interchangeable facias!
PS3 – Faster, more powerful, better graphics output, bigger game capability, bigger fanbase (1 to 4) and much more power in the ‘game titles’ field makes this one a clear winner for me. However, Microsoft tried to steal the show by muscling in early to try and quash the competition – maybe it can take silicon valley, but Japan is a different war and fat Sony looks like it will knock skinny Gates right out of the Sumo ring.

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