In-Page Analytics Not Working

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I’ve had an issue over the last few weeks/months where In-Page analytics wouldn’t work. It would say ‘Loading’ for a while, then ask me if I wanted to load it in a new tab rather than within Analytics. Turns out there’s a simple fix for both Firefox and Chrome. If you’re viewing analytics of a […]

Gmail Chat Notifications in Firefox

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We use Google Talk for internal instant messaging. It’s great, it integrates with gmail, so all your conversations are saved in your email history. However, the Windows desktop app from Google hasn’t been updated in a long time, and it doesn’t support some of the newer features, like Hangouts. Because of that, I started using […]

Firefox 16 Load All Tabs at Startup

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I’ve started using Firefox again as my primary browser. A few versions ago, they included a feature which doesn’t load your tabs until you select them, to make startup quicker. I find this feature slightly annoying as some of my tabs don’t show if they have new content on them until I click them, which […]

Internet Explorer

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I realised today that unfortunately this site doesn’t display correctly in Internet Explorer. My apologies to my readers who use IE, I did not notice this as i always use Firefox. I will look into this problem sometime in the near future, however, for those that can’t wait – I would highly recommend Firefox!

Firefox Not Saving Passwords

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I recently had quite a bit of trouble with my computer. I reinstalled Windows more than once, and have eventually got everything working again. I used Backupfox to save all my Firefox settings, but when i restored the settings into my new install of Firefox, all my passwords were gone. Although the box was ticked […]