Bumble Bee Men

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Annoyingly, three days into our trip to Myanmar, my lens decided to stop working!!! Aahhh…photographic heaven and a broken camera! Luckily, it didn’t stop working completely, so i was still able to take some pics…however, there are lots which didn’t quite come out – and not sure if that’s worse than not having taken the […]

Kho Phangan

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On the wonderful island of Kho Phangan just now, and it is pretty darn cool. The last time i was here, it was only for 23 hours…a mad trip for the full moon party – however, this time we’ve landed right inbetween two full moons so the island is pretty quiet – which suits us […]

Back In Bangkok

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Arrived safely in Bangkok last night after a good day’s travelling from Kuching. I had to pass through Singapore and pick up some stuff from the generous Usman’s room, but everything went off without a hitch. Last night i met up with my big bro, his mate Roland, Erik and Ruby, Bernard, Jon and my […]

Bangkok Part 1!

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In our hostel just now makng some good use of their internet shoppee!! Had a great time in redang diving…saw loads of cool fish…even 3 or 4 sharks! For all those Nemo lovers, yes i played with them too – they are really cool! Unfortunately although i bought a camera from the states to be […]

Party on…

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On a slightly different note from temples – my weekend was fantastic! Left at 3.30pm on Thursday heading to the island of Kho Pha Ngan for the weekend. Unfortunately our bus broke down in the middle of the night, then we got sold the wrong boat tickets and had to take an overnight boat so […]