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Just found out today that Singapore is the 4th most densely populated country (new window) in the world! Monaco tops the list being little more than a city, Macau and Hong Kong also slot into 2nd and 3rd places. However, if we take them to be Chinese…Singapore bangs up to 2nd place! This all came […]


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Nearly got all my packing done, big box of stuff sent home…plane leaves in a few hours – it’s really over and finished now. This year has gone so quickly…but i guess every year does after it’s gone. However, i don’t regret 1 minute of it…it’s been a truly amazing year and i’ve had a […]


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I’ve been sporting a fantastic new walk in the last few hours. Many people have stopped to stare at the gander that i name ‘the walk of the man of leisure (pronounced Leeesure)’. I’ve actually had people pointing and shouting at me “wow…you’re definatley living the life of leeesure…i can tell from that fabolous walk […]

Oh Dear

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Last night in Singapore (sort of!) so headed up town for some sushi and to watch a film. The sushi was great, however the film not so good! We decided to go see ‘The Producers’ because nothing else looked much better, and after leaving in the first ten minutes, made our way into ‘Ultraviolet’. After […]

So Fresh and So Clean

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One thing about living in Singapore is that you find yourself automatically enrolling in a shower masterclass! If you don’t have air-con it’s not usually that chilly so you end up being hot most of the time…most days i have at least 3 showers…sometimes 5 showers in one day!! It’s crazy! Picture this…wake up…shower. Go […]

The Big Apple

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Apple turns 30 this week and it makes me think of Macs and my tutorial today. The girl that came and sat down next to me had an iMac. Now, without being sexist, she was the fastest little iMacer girl i’ve ever seen. To be fair, it is quite rare that someone can impress me […]

What To Write??

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I was thinking that after having a busy weekend with my big bro (check out what he says about it here) that i should not leave my dedicated followers hanging any longer and write something. So, after having the ‘Create Post’ box open for an hour or two i decided that i would write about […]

A Class-A Day!

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Well…today was set to be a bit disasterous! After my embarrassingly bad presentation skills last semester…i figured that since i had two today that i would drown in a pit of red-facedness and make a bit of a fool of myself. However, both went swimmingly well (certainly compared to previous attempts), and in both classes […]