Goggle In Disbelief!

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Google have announced today, on their increasingly boring, Official Google Blog that they have decided the misuse of their trademark is unnacceptable. The huge success in their short life that has seen their name become part of everyday language and been included in the Oxford Dictionary as a verb, is apparently not good for business! […]

Here At Last

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Ok…so it’s taken me a little while…but i’ve uploaded some of my pics from Tibet and China. Sadly there isn’t too many due to Flickr restricting you to 200 pics unless you pay $29 a year…and i’m far too tight for that! However, it means i’ll only ever have my 200 best pics… As always…there’s […]

Rain, Rain, Rain

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Took a nice trip up to Inverness and the north west this weekend…and what a site Scotland is in the sunshine! Was visiting family so was kept busy most of the time, and didn’t manage to snap any pictures, so instead i thought i’d post one from China that i just looked at the other […]

God Bless Google

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This is the message i got when i tried to play a video on Google Video! Thanks to Callum (new window) for setting me up with a secure tunnel to his UK server…allowing me to browse the web unrestricted like a happy little bunny! This isn’t one of China’s many restrictions, but a Google policy […]