Disable SIP ALG on BT Business Hub 3

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SIP ALG is controlled per device attached to the router, it’s not a setting for the router as a whole. Log into your router Navigate to: Settings>Advanced Settings>Business Network>Devices Select a device by clicking on it Change ‘Disable SIP ALG’ to ‘Yes’ Hit ‘Apply’ This applies to the BT Business Hub 3 (BH3) and possibly […]

Copy vs Dropbox

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Update 28/08/14: Since Dropbox announced they give you 1000GB for $99 a month, not much point considering Copy or anything else. I’ve posted in the past comparing Dropbox to Google Drive and SkyDrive (now OneDrive) and my conclusion was that Dropbox was the best in terms of stability and reliability, and therefore the first choice […]

How to Upgrade the SSD on a Samsung Series 9

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I upgraded my SSD last night and encountered a few issues which could have been easily overcome. I’m still running the default version of Windows 7 that came with the machine, and I have a few programs installed that I’d like to keep, so rather than doing a fresh Windows install, I decided to make […]

In-Page Analytics Not Working

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I’ve had an issue over the last few weeks/months where In-Page analytics wouldn’t work. It would say ‘Loading’ for a while, then ask me if I wanted to load it in a new tab rather than within Analytics. Turns out there’s a simple fix for both Firefox and Chrome. If you’re viewing analytics of a […]

Choosing a Mechanical Keyboard

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What Are Mechanical Keyboards I have to admit that I didn’t really know what a mechanical keyboard was a few months ago. I knew that my Logitech Cordless Wave keyboard was starting to give up the ghost after about 4 years, and I knew I needed something better. I started doing some investigation, and discovered […]

Why I Use Dropbox Instead of SkyDrive and Google Drive

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Over the weekend I’ve made the switch from using 3 platforms – Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive – to putting everything into Dropbox. Why? Dropbox is better. There’s lots of little niggly reasons why that is. For example, the SkyDrive Android app is incredibly slow at loading images. SkyDrive desktop app is incredibly slow at […]