Change of Direction

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I’ve been contemplating something my big bro (new window) said a while ago…that he’s noticed since he’s settled in Bangkok, he doesn’t have much to write about on his blog. Initially this was started as a sort of travel journal – a way to keep in touch with everyone while i was away…without sending imposing […]


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I’ve been enlightened into the world of Protopage (new window) and it’s pretty darn cool! I’m a fan of Google Personalised Homepage for reading blogs, news, word of the day etc etc, but this one kicks ass. You can have 3 different pages so can easily sort out what you’re viewing (ie page 1 for […]

Sorry For The Hassle

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Unfortunately my ever popular site has been getting hit with spam comments over the last few days. The sad fact that i am not interested in online gambling, or hotels in Las Vegas, has caused me to delete them and change the options so that users now have to be registered before they can comment. […]

Flickr Revolution

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I’ve just signed up for an account with the ever-popular Flickr. Rest assured, i’ll still use my photo page (new window) for all my personal pictures of my travels and adventures. However, i’ll also use my Flickr account (new window) for the more arty shots, and cool photos to share with the world. Some photos […]