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Wow…i’ve just reformed my thoughts and ideas on photography! Until 10 minutes ago i would have laid a solid argument with anyone that photos should not be altered – that a photograph is what the camera spits out, and altering it on a computer is fraud, illegal and terrible! However, after having a quick play […]


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Sounds just like an old cash register!! Amazing place! Such a nice little town compared to the other places i’ve been. Sadly, most of the towns in Borneo are pretty ugly concrete havens, while Kuching is quite nice. The waterfront, that runs along the river, has a nice promenade with gardens etc, and all the […]

Photos Galore

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I reckon…that no matter how good you are at taking photos, someone elses are always better…even if you both take pictures of the same thing. I think this is because, seeing someone else’s photos, is looking at what you both saw…through their eyes – so you inevitably see it in a different way. I always […]