It’s Official!

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It’s happened…slightly unexpected, but very welcome, i’m now officially a published photographer! You might remember some time ago i mentioned that a few people in America were setting up an exclusive travel agents, tailoring amazing trips all around Asia. Well, said company’s website is now up and running, and features a few of my shots. […]


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Went to see a rather interesting Spanish film last night called ‘Volver’ (new window), playing at the Filmhouse (new window)! I think that was the first time i’ve been to the Filmhouse, i’ve maybe been when i was younger…but definately not for a few years. Great little cinema that plays a lot of international and […]


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Wow…i’ve just reformed my thoughts and ideas on photography! Until 10 minutes ago i would have laid a solid argument with anyone that photos should not be altered – that a photograph is what the camera spits out, and altering it on a computer is fraud, illegal and terrible! However, after having a quick play […]