Hip Flasks

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I was given a Celtic hip flask for my 21st birthday, and I reckon that they’re a hugely popular birthday gift for young and old men and women alike. In case you’re not sure what they are: Hip flasks are vessels used to carry a small amount of liquid on ones person. They are usually […]

What’s In Coke

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I just overheard a guy offering his very small child (probably 2ish, definitely not talking yet!) a drink of his coke as he couldn’t reach his bottle of milk. Now i’m not sure if he was being serious or not, but as i had a computer at hand, i thought i’d Google the ingredients of […]

Copy, Right?

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Sparked by an intriguing chat a few days ago, i’ve been thinking about my views on copyright in relation to media, and how to monetise it. Fundamentally, i believe that all media should be free. That includes primarily literature, music, tv shows, films and software. I think that consumers should pay for any products containing, […]

Hamilton Again!

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Lewis Hamilton has taken his second Formula 1 victory in the US, right after making his first in Canada last week! Spotted when he was very young by McLaren boss Ron Dennis as his dad was working 3 jobs to support his early racing career, he’s entered the F1 game with a storm. 22 years […]

Superman = Superlame!

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Bit of a let down to be honest…despite growing up wanting to wear a red cape with a big F on my chest (would have been happy to forget about the dodgy colour co-ordinated banana hammock), the latest offering is a bit crap. Missed some of the ending as i fell asleep…which kinda says a […]

Crazy World

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A funeral ceremony for those killed by the police on 1985’s International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in Uitenhage, South Africa. Whether through naivity, stupidity or ignorance, i still get shocked when i read about tragedies that have or are taking place across the world. While talking with Suzy last night, she mentioned […]


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I do not believe Callum to be a suspect in the case of Katherine Horton’s murder. He did his utmost to aid the Thai police and was thanked by Katherine’s father in his official statement. My heart goes out to Katherine’s family, i hope that she may rest in peace. I do not wish anything […]