Paying For Music Again!

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I’ve not bought a CD in a good few years (see why here and here), and don’t think I’ve ever paid for a digital copy of music… until now! With Google Play All Access being released in the UK, £7.99 a month for all the music you could ever want, I’ve found a product that […]


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I’ve posted at least a couple of times before regarding the current payment structure for most media, and how I see the current model as being largely outdated. There are a number of services which offer some great alternatives. I’ve not tried them all, indeed I couldn’t try some of them such as Spotify as […]

Do You Download?

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I read this interesting article which says that in 2008 95% of music downloaded on the internet was not paid for. This doesn’t really surprise me, and as it happens, we recently got a letter through the door from Virgin and the EPI warning us that someone had illegally downloaded music through our internet connection. […]


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Not often my front page gets a spraff about a new album…however, Timbaland’s latest ‘Shock Value’ is pretty darn good! Not even listened to it all yet, but the tracks i heard are pretty impressive. Track 1 features a hook from Nina Simone’s Sinnerman…and he’s done a darn good job of it too!! Some seriously […]

Snoop Diddy

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I would usually be one to rant on about never winning anything, but i reckon that people who say that never enter any competitions to win anything…which probably severely limits their chances of winning! Anyway…while i was listening to possibly the best radio station in the world – 1Xtra – yesterday, i entered a competition […]


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Found a pretty cool site that lets you upload all your music to it, and stores it for free. It also lets you download and listen to thousands of other tracks…again for free! No idea how it lets you do this…but i’m not complaining! I would like to have more time in my life to […]

Bit Too Old For It All

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Very glad to hear that Nas recently signed to Def Jam records and thereby ended the long-time feud with CEO Jay-Z (a good lesson for younger hot headed wannabe gangsta rappers!). His latest album – Hip Hop Is Dead – has stirred just as much controversy as the move. He is notorious for hating most […]