Virgin Media Pricing Scam?

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I’ve had a Virgin Media account for broadband only for 14 months. The price of the service is clearly advertised at £22.50 per month, with an introductory discount of £5 a month for 3 months. After being with them for 11 months, I got an email saying that the price was increasing by £1.15 per […]

Do Yahoo Employ Monkeys?

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Rant Alert. I emailed Yahoo! about 2 weeks ago with a comprehensive support request about a possible problem with their security questions (I believe I have never set one, yet there appears to be one on my account which I can’t change). 2 weeks later I get a stock response which has nothing to do […]

Problems With

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I took out an advertising program on in November 2008 that cost me roughly £1750 exc VAT for 1 year. The basis of that program was that my ad would appear in their search results under certain search criteria. They show 10 results per page, so my ad would be on the 1st page […]

Dell Situation: The Verdict

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After another 10+ phone calls, many of which were hugely frustrating, I was eventually contacted by someone who could actually help. They looked into the problem, and called me back along with a ‘Brand Manager’ to offer me a solution. Their solution is to send me an HDMI – DVI cable. My graphics card has […]

Dell: Bad Customer Service

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I recently bought a new Dell desktop computer, with two monitors. I did some research and found the computer I was going to buy, then made sure it had a graphics card which supported two screens. Imagine my amazement (and by amazement, I mean frustration) when it arrived today with a graphics card which only […]

Say No To 0870

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It’s not often that i get in a rant about something, however, companies which only publish 0845 or 0870 numbers really get on my nerves! I can see an argument for them ten years ago so that people can get a local rate call to companies in other parts of the country, but the fact […]

iPod Touché Coulé

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I recently had some experience with an iPod Touch, and i must admit i was left slightly disgruntled again. Like most Apple products, the packaging was great, the product looks and feels fantastic, is very easy to use and has some really great features. I was particularly surprised that i liked it a great deal […]


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During the few days, i’ve really been noticing how i’m getting a little awaysick. What’s that i hear you cry! The opposite of homesick! Bear in mind that for the last 16 months i’ve spent little more than 6-8 weeks in one place without travelling on somewhere else. I’ve now been home for 2 months…and […]