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My cousin – Julien, got married to his fiance Ania (suprise there huh!), in a beautiful country house just outside Warsaw, on 23rd July. A great wedding and everyone had a fantastic time. Of course Callum and I stood Scotland proud in our Macdonald tartan kilts – and three cheers for Callum’s great leadership in […]


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Well, my four days in London are up and it was not bad at all. Having got a bad impression the first time i went, i must know admit there are some pretty cool things there. Science museum – free entry and loads of cool stuff there to mess about with (if you go, get […]


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I have just been enlightened into the world of hostels! I’m in Warsaw just now in a cool hostel using their free net to write this…. Have just come back from a wicked night out that started off with a hostel organised pub crawl – what a night! Ten guys and one girl – so […]

Clair Whitefield – FCUK

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A great poem by Suzy’s big sis…enjoy Too much FCUKING is bad for you (or how a backwards insult became a fashion cult) FCUK FCUK It’s that trademarked expletive that just won’t go away It’s a shit slogan, an embarrassing tag And not a clever way of saying that you’re up for a shag Britain’s […]

Word of the Day

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My search has ended – for a while i was looking for a website that would email me a new word every day. Sad possibly, but great yes! Click here for a free sign up to this fantastic service, and to expand your wordbase (ok i don’t have any fancy words right now – today’s […]

Nut Huggers

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Ever tried to go swimming in France? Nope? Neither have I – until the other day. On entering the swimming pool i got changed etc as usual, had the pre-swim shower and made my way to the pool area – only to be stopped dead in my tracks and be told that the shorts i […]

Gmail Wonders…

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Gmail revolutionises email! I have been enlightened into the world of gmail and will be using it for all my emails now – loads of great features that best hotmail with it’s eyes closed! If you want to sign up for an account you have to be invited – please check out to get […]