Syrian Refugee Crisis

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Although it might not be in the news as much, the Syrian refugee crisis is still ongoing and thousands of people still need help. I have a friend who decided to do something about it and recently went to the Greek island of Samos to help. He asked for donations before he left and managed […]

Does Meditation Really Work?

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I started meditating for 10 minutes a day a couple of months ago, after reading The Monk That Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma. It described meditation in a new way, which made me want to try it. The suggestion was to take a rose and look at it for 5-10 minutes a day while […]

10 Purchases

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I’ve set myself a target this year to buy no more than 10 material possessions. I’m not sure how easy this will be, but the plan is to make me think more about consuming physical possessions, and hopefully encourage me to repair, re-use or just make do without. My main aim is to reduce the […]

Troubles with eBay

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Had some troubles with eBay recently that came to an interesting conclusion. The Situation I bought something that didn’t work, contacted the seller which opened a case, returned the product and wasn’t refunded within 30 days of contacting the seller. Unknown to me, the fact that it had been 30 days since I first contacted […]

How My Motorbike Was Stolen

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One of my motorbikes was stolen last week – a Triumph 675 Daytona. It was covered with the steering lock on, locked to my other bike via an Oxford Hardcore XL chain, and both bikes were in a secure underground car park. When I heard it had been stolen, I had assumed they had a […]

Disable Trackbacks in WordPress

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To disable trackbacks and pingbacks completely on WordPress, do the following: 1. Disable for new posts Uncheck the following setting: Settings>Discussion>Allow link notifications from other blogs (pingbacks and trackbacks) This will disable trackbacks and pingbacks for all future posts, but not for existing posts. 2. Disable them on existing posts Go to your Posts page […]

Unrequired Information

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Sometime around the start of the year, I started to take a form of ‘reading break‘. It’s where you de-tune yourself from the daily consumption of media, and instead, read a book! As I work on the internet, I wasn’t planning to take time away from work, so would still be using the internet. However, […]