The Power of a Connected World

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Google street view has been hitting the news recently, not because it is offering something new, but mainly because it’s by Google. The service offers the ability to view images of towns from street level, allowing the user to move along roads in a ‘virtual’ world. It’s an interesting service, and it certainly poses some powerful questions […]


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I’ve just been checking out the visitor statistics of my website, provided free by StatCounter. Interestingly, the majority of visitors use Internet Explorer Version 6.0! I’m rather surprised about that. I know that it’s still the most popular browser, but i figured that people who read blogs are probably more interested in technology, therefore are […]

Click-fraud – Was I Right?

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I handed my dissertation in on Monday last week, and on Friday of the same week, Google released their first report giving hard data on the scale of the problem of click-fraud! Thankfully my research seems to have been pretty good, as the report pretty much says the same as what i found. The reassuring […]

1000 Reasons Why

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Just noticed that today i reached the 1000MB mark on my Gmail account! Nearly 1 GB of data – that’s every email i’ve ever sent or received, with all the attachments still there, since starting my account in June 2005…some 5058 of them! (actually not 5058 emails, but 5058 conversations. Each conversation could be anywhere […]


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Gonna throw a couple of interesting Google facts out there…just for fun as I trawl countless books and articles to write my dissertation… Google was originally called ‘Backrub’ after the novel way that it assessed the importance of websites by looking at the sites that linked ‘back’ to them. Google tried to sell their, now […]

Goggle In Disbelief!

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Google have announced today, on their increasingly boring, Official Google Blog that they have decided the misuse of their trademark is unnacceptable. The huge success in their short life that has seen their name become part of everyday language and been included in the Oxford Dictionary as a verb, is apparently not good for business! […]

Our Society

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A very interesting insight into our society can be seen through Google Zeitgeist (new window). The good folks at Google have been releasing information on searches for a few years now…but i’ve only just learned of it! Basically you can view the top searches each week, fastest gaining and fastest declining searches each week, which […]

God Bless Google

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This is the message i got when i tried to play a video on Google Video! Thanks to Callum (new window) for setting me up with a secure tunnel to his UK server…allowing me to browse the web unrestricted like a happy little bunny! This isn’t one of China’s many restrictions, but a Google policy […]