10 Purchases

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I’ve set myself a target this year to buy no more than 10 material possessions. I’m not sure how easy this will be, but the plan is to make me think more about consuming physical possessions, and hopefully encourage me to repair, re-use or just make do without. My main aim is to reduce the […]

How to Upgrade the SSD on a Samsung Series 9

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I upgraded my SSD last night and encountered a few issues which could have been easily overcome. I’m still running the default version of Windows 7 that came with the machine, and I have a few programs installed that I’d like to keep, so rather than doing a fresh Windows install, I decided to make […]

In-Page Analytics Not Working

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I’ve had an issue over the last few weeks/months where In-Page analytics wouldn’t work. It would say ‘Loading’ for a while, then ask me if I wanted to load it in a new tab rather than within Analytics. Turns out there’s a simple fix for both Firefox and Chrome. If you’re viewing analytics of a […]

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First time using WiFi on a plane, thanks to Norwegian.com All airlines should offer this for free. Posted via Composer

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I don't agree to the terms, but I think I'll stick around anyway. #badass #makingxmas Posted via Composer

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Phenomenal. Explore the inside of Museo Lamborghini thanks to Google Maps: http://lam.bo/peeNT Posted via Composer

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Spent a good few hours today getting into the exup (?) valve on my Daytona 675 as the engine warning light was on. Apparently the valve can seize up. It wasn't seized, indeed it seemed fine. Put it back together, engine warning light went off. 🙂 Half way home, came back on again! Almost feel […]