Sip, Sip, Gulp, Gulp

Map of North Borneo

Thankfully there was only Sipadaning today and no gulping in the tasty sea water!

Just back from my first day diving at the legendary island of Sipidan…and despite getting practically no sleep last night due to the lovely night bus, i am feeling good.

It was absolutely amazing! On our first dive i literally didn’t know what to do. Everywhere i looked there was schools of sharks, turtles, barracudas, angelfish, eels, crabs, etc etc etc…the hardest part was deciding where to point my head!! The next two dives weren’t much worse. All three put together, today i saw over 20 sharks and at least 25 turtles!

Sipadan Island

Sipadan is Malaysia’s only volcanic island, and it sits atop a huge coral reef (as seen in the pic), so anywhere around the island you go, you have amazing diving on the reef…that literally drops into the vast blue of the ocean. This creates the perfect environment for both small fish on the reef, and huge sharks and whales in the ocean right next door! (that is a real pic of the island from the air…i know it looks to good to be true!…yes the water really is that beautiful colour!). The three dives i did today were: South Point, White Tip Avenue and then another at the nearby island of Mabaul.

Unfortunately today the biggest shark we saw was around 3m (and i was looking somewhere else as it went past), however i might get to see some hammerheads or a whale shark tomorrow – if not, i definately won’t go away an unhappy man!

Again, mucho grasias to my lovely mam for sporting me the money for my birthday to come diving here!

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