Has Much Changed?

Well, i feel i should keep you all updated on my comings and goings since yesterday. Well, yes i’m still on this lovely beach doing lots of very chilled out stuff.

Unfortunately i was up at 6.50am this morning to do some final reading and get my first dive in before 9am! I did another two dives today and finished my Advanced Open Water training. The last dive was with Erik as he was finishing his training and was really cool – best dive of the trip so far!! Saw loads of cool fish – some HUGE ones!!

Other than that, i worked on my tan a little…though we had some clouds and storms in the afternoon…we ate fresh fish caught two hours before it was served up to us…and our dive instructor even saved the life of a shark on the first dive (mouth was caught on a fishing hook and was dying when we found it).

All in been a cool day…not much changed…more mosquito bites (there are so many!!), same chilled out relaxing atmosphere, looking forward to some chilling on the beach under the stars and a cracking dive tomorrow – this time at 11am so not such an early rise!

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